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Aztec Life and Times The Aztec Empire
The ancestors of the Aztecs, once a despised group of nomadic hunters from northwestern Mexico, received a divine command to leave their homeland, Aztlan, in the year 1116 A.D. After wandering for more than 100 years in the desert, they reached the shores of Lake Texcoco – in a fertile valley in the middle of Mexico – and tried to settle there. When the existing inhabitants forced them off, the Aztecs took refuge in the swamps.   [more]

From their modest beginnings in the swamps of Lake Texcoco, the Aztec city-state of Tenochtitlan grew in size and strength. Since there was no stone or wood on their island, the Aztecs used warfare and alliances to increase their power within the Valley of Mexico and obtain building materials, tools, and prisoners to use for human sacrifices.   [more]

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