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The Conquest Continues
Estevanico was killed, but Friar Marcos returned to Coronado with stories of Cibola.

Coronado's expedition set out on Feb. 23, 1540 with 340 Spanish, 300 Indian allies, and 1,000 Indian and African slaves. In New Mexico, Coronado found the Seven Cities of Cibola, but was disappointed to find that they were only pueblos of the Zuni Indians. Wearing golden armor, Coronado gave the order to attack and succeeded in conquering the pueblos and finding much needed food.

Coronado continued to explore New Mexico and Arizona. Some of his men were the first Europeans to see the Grand Canyon. They met an Indian, who they called El Turco (the Turk) because of the headdress he wore. El Turco told the conquistadors about Quivira, supposedly another city of great wealth.

On April 23, 1541, with El Turco as guide, Coronado headed east with 1,500 men to find Quivira. For the first time, the Spanish saw the gigantic herds of buffalo of North America.   [more]