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Growth of the Inca Empire
The Creation Story

According to the Incas, the great god Viracocha created the world. It was all darkness, but then Viracocha made the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars. Next he created the Thunder, the Earth, and the Sea. Finally, out of stone, he made human beings. Viracocha walked among the people, showing them how to live. When he reached the sea, he went away – but someday he will return.

The Inca Gods and Religion

Inca religion grew out of respect for the forces of nature. The ancient Peruvians worshipped nature spirits and creatures such as jaguars, snakes, and condors. They also used their religion to unify the many peoples of their empire.

The main god of the Incas was Inti, the Sun. He was the Giver of Life and the protector of the Inca people. Inti brought them warmth and light. When he dropped into the ocean each evening at sunset, they were afraid that he might not be able to swim under the Earth to reappear the next morning in the East.   [more]
The Inca Creation Story
The Inca Creation Story