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Growth of the Inca Empire
Life in the Inca World

How do we know about the Inca world? We owe many thanks to Huaman Poma, the son of an Inca chief, who traveled around the lands of Tahuantinsuyu writing and illustrating what life was like in the Inca empire before, during, and after the Spanish Conquest. He sent The First New Chronicle and Good Government to the King of Spain, pleading for better treatment for his people. Apparently, the king never saw it. But the descriptions and drawings in Huaman Poma's book have been very valuable in showing us Inca life.

Inca Diet

The Incas subsisted mostly on potatoes, guinea pigs, corn and quinoa, a high-protein grain. Potatoes were so basic that the Incas grew more than 200 kinds and developed ways to freeze-dry them so that they could be stored for long periods of time. The potato was so important to the Incas that they used the length of time it takes to boil a potato as their way of measuring time.   [more]
Inca Basic Words
Inca Basic Words
Guinea Pigs
Guinea Pigs