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Growth of the Inca Empire Beginning of the End
If you look at a map of South America, and look at the western area that was once the ancient empire of the Incas, you will notice the Andes Mountains that rise up to 20,000 feet. How could anyone live in such a harsh, steep land with little oxygen in the bitter cold? To the west, plains and deserts border the Pacific Ocean. To the east, steamy rainforests reach into the interior of the continent. How could a rich and orderly civilization have succeeded in a land with such geographical extremes?   [more]

Life was peaceful and orderly in the Inca world during the reign of Huayna Capac. About 63 years old, he had been the Sapa Inca since 1548. Capac cared for all the people of the empire, making sure there was surplus food so that everyone could be fed, and establishing the network of roads and storehouses so that famine or death in one part of the empire could be alleviated by surplus from another.   [more]

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