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Teaching Guide
Welcome Teachers! Included here are 4 interdisciplinary teaching units with lesson plans geared to the national standards and a variety of "Teaching Tickler" interactive activities and discussion questions for our 4 weekly adventures. Use them now to get your students ready for our Online Learning Adventure!
Each of the following units is available in Adobe Acrobat format. Click here to download the most recent version of the Acrobat Reader.
Cortes and the Aztecs
Different Views of the World [Overview]
Was the fall of the Aztec Empire inevitable? Was Cortes a hero or a villain? What would the world be like today if the Aztecs had been the "conquistadors" and conquered Europe?
pdf logo Cortes and the Aztecs (.pdf format)
Pizarro and the Incas
The What If's of History [Overview]
Why do you think that such a well-governed and peaceful empire, which stretched 2,500 miles from Ecuador south to Chile, could have been conquered by only 200 Spanish Conquistadors? What is the legacy of the Incas?
pdf logo Pizarro and the Incas (.pdf format)
Orellana and the Amazon
Human and Environmental Issues [Overview]
How did Francisco de Orellana survive the impossible journey down the Amazon? Was Orellana a hero or a traitor? Did he encounter the legendary Amazonian women warriors? Is the conquest of the Amazon rainforest over?
pdf logo Orellana and the Amazon (.pdf format)
Cabeza de Vaca
Human Rights and the Exploration of North America [Overview]
How was Cabeza de Vaca similar to and different from other Conquistadors? Which route do you think Cabeza de Vaca took? What does "meeting the Other" mean to you? What basic rights do YOU think all people possess?
pdf logo Cabeza de Vaca (.pdf format)
Share Your Work!
We invite you and your students to create on-line web resources for the Online Learning Adventure. Please e-mail a link to your site to, so that we can evaluate them and share them with others. Please also feel free to send us your feedback about how you used the lessons and the Online Learning Adventure in your classroom. Thanks in advance!
About the Lesson Plans:
The Conquistador units and lesson plans were written by Susan Booth Larson, teacher and educational consultant from Portland, Oregon. The lessons address the national content standards established at McREL.
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