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November 1998

Dear Neighbor,

Whenever new technology becomes a reality, it's always a challenge to find meaningful ways to use it. Now that high definition is here, we need to do what we can to try to use it as thoughtfully as possible for children and their families.

This new form of television could be of great service to people in that it brings more detail to a picture on the screen -- more to look at, closely and carefully. Image what it can mean for a child to be able to see intricate details in a flower in a garden or in an animal at a zoo ... or in another person's face! Of course, what we need most are producers who understand how important it is to give children (of all ages!) time for careful looking -- as well as to give them people on the screen who really care about what they're looking at and are enthusiastic about what they're showing or doing.

Imagine how much more meaningful any television can be when children have a caring person sitting right there beside them ... someone who wants to listen to their questions or comments ... someone who encourages their careful looking and listening and learning! That's what I call "interactive."

We're glad to be your neighbors, and we applaud all the "interactive" ways you and your family are using television.