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Chicago's Challenge
Chicago's Urban Landscape
"Stormy, husky, brawling,
City of the Big Shoulders."

Excerpt from the poem, “Chicago,” by Carl Sandburg, published in1912.

From the stench, to the crowds, to the combustion, pollution, and the political corruption, Chicago had—and continues to have—some big problems.

The summer heat alone is enough to stop the city. Gaze across the top of this urban landscape and you see black, asphalt-topped roofs soaking up sunlight, with air conditioners below blasting to keep interior temperatures from rising to 100 degrees. Top that with pollution, contaminated rivers and land, a lack of jobs due to failing industries, and the lack of public parks in lower economic areas—you have a city facing major challenges.

Fortunately, the people here tackle challenges in a big way. They aren't afraid to use a little muscle to make their city better. This is their story, and it shows all of us how we can improve our neighborhoods even when problems seem insurmountable.

CLARIFICATION: In the Eden's Lost & Found Episode "Chicago: City of the Big Shoulders" , the individuals seen protesting the closing of Meigs Field are mistakenly identified as "Protesters from Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association."  In actuality,  although some of them may be members of AOPA, they were speaking on their own behalf and their protest was not officially endorsed nor do they officially represent the AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association) in any way.

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