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Los Angeles: Dream a Different City
Photo of smoggy Los Angeles skyline
Car Dependence + Deforestation = L.A. Smog
Photo: Ricardo Aguero

Los Angeles reigns throughout the world as not so much a place, but a culture. The city is famous for a movie industry and a laid-back, casual lifestyle where anyone can succeed beyond their wildest dreams. It is this illusion of Eden that drew 15 million people here in search of their individual piece of the L.A. dream.

Despite the city's cultural popularity, anyone familiar with Los Angeles might be shocked that this city is included in this series. L.A.? Sustainable? L.A. is a place that turned smog and pollution into household words! The movies may have brought L.A. its initial notoriety, but now it may be equally famous for its earthquakes, droughts, floods, fires and gridlock.

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Hope For Los Angeles

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Yes, L.A. is a tough place to live. But its environmental heroes, determined political leaders and innovative programs are working on changing that. Many of today's Los Angelinos are dreaming a different city and taking sustainable steps to make this dream a reality.

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