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Flower Power: Philadelphia Green
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Activist Doris Gwaltney
Activist Doris Gwaltney

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More than 175 years old, the Philadelphia Flower Show is the largest indoor flower show in the world, receiving over 300,000 visitors and generating up to $1 million a year in profit. The Flower Show uses these profits to help revive Philadelphia through its sister organization, Philadelphia Green.

Founded in 1974, Philadelphia Green uses its horticultural expertise, as well as all profits from the Flower Show, to build and help restore neighborhoods in a variety of ways. Its work is based on the concept that neighborhoods can only be saved if the people within those communities care enough to help make this change a real and lasting part of their lives. There’s one sustainable fundamental rule: they don't do any planting on a block, unless 85 percent of the block's residents agree to be part of the restoration program.

Philadelphia Green
Activists clean up Carroll Park

Began as a small gardening project over 30 years ago, Philadelphia Green has grown into the largest and most comprehensive urban greening effort in the nation, as residents, community organizations, private businesses and city government use horticulture to transform once blighted neighborhoods.

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