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About the Program
About Einstein's Wife

The PBS presentation of Einstein's Wife consisted of a one-hour documentary film and companion Web site. These tandem features explored the historical facts of Mileva Maric's life, and examined her role in Albert Einstein's early life and work. The broadcast rights have expired for this program. No further broadcasts are scheduled.

Production Credits
Einstein's Wife was filmed on location in Australia, Germany, Serbia, Slovenia, Switzerland, and the United States. The producers wish to thank the many scholars and scientists (on both sides of the Mileva debate) who gave so generously of their time and knowledge.

The documentary is a creation of Melsa Films Pty., Ltd., produced and developed in association with Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

Film Production Team
Established in 1992, Melsa Films Pty., Ltd., is an independent film and major events producer based in Bangalow, New South Wales, Australia. Melsa also organizes the renowned BASC film festival, an annual international showcase for innovative documentaries and independent feature films.

Einstein's Wife was created by a multi-national production team, including:

Writer/Producer  |  Geraldine Hilton
Director  |  Nicola Woolmington
Production Manager  |  Peter Castaldi
Editor  |  Frans Vandenburg
Director of Photography  |  John Whitteron
Narrator  |  Erik Thomson
Audio Engineering  |  Christopher Bollard
Philip Myers
Michael Gissing
Original Music  |  Jen Anderson
Executive Producer  |  Paul Humfress
Executive Producer  |  OPB: David Davis
Executive Producer  |  ABC: Stefan Moore


On The Web
The Einstein's Wife Web site reviews the core facts described in the documentary, and offers additional detail about the chronology and context of Mileva's life.

The site also offers classroom resources designed to encourage students to explore issues related to science, social bias, history, and cultural change.

Site Production Team
OPB Interactive develops companion Web sites for PBS programming, as well as enhanced-TV prototypes, books, and promotional and educational/outreach campaigns.

The Einstein's Wife Web site was created by:
Senior Director, OPB Interactive  |  Marion Rice
Producer/Web Developer  |  John Kin
Classroom Content  |  Traci Osterhagen
Copywriter  |  Ally Wright

Online at:

Site Information

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Use Restrictions
All content in the Einstein's Wife program and Web site is protected by copyright, except as allowed by Fair Use for educational and research purposes. It is the responsibility of the user to determine whether any additional copyright restrictions apply to images incorporated in this site.

Last Modified: March 4, 2008

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