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Families and Allies
Mileva's life was entwined with Albert's for 52 years. Much of her story has been revealed in their own correspondence, and by letters exchanged with a central core of relatives and friends.

Click on the names in the Family and Friends tree to read more about the people who played important roles in Mileva's and Albert's lives.
Families and Allies Tree
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Father: Hermann Einstein Mother: Pauline Koch Einstein Sister: Maja Einstein Winteler Second Wife: Elsa Lowenthal Einstein Secretary: Helen Dukas Father: Milos Maric, Sr. Mother: Marija Ruzic Maric Sister: Zorka Maric Brother: Milos Maric, Jr. Friend: Helene Kaufler Savic Lieserl Maric Hans Albert Einstein Eduard Einstein Bernhard Caesar Einstein Klaus Martin Einstein Evelyn Einstein Albert Einstein Mileva Maric