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What Are Credit Cards?
Banks and Computers
Rise of Electronic Trading
Paying for Internet Purchases
The Future of Payments
The Future of Payments – How will we pay for things fifty years from now? About all we can know with confidence is that it will be different than it is now! Technology is sure to develop in directions we can only imperfectly foresee. Moreover, the public will immediately adopt some new ideas and will resist others.
Although it is dangerous to predict the future, there are a few emerging technologies today that look like they will grow in the coming years. One is the consolidation of credit-card information in a single physical item, whether it is a "smart card," a cellular telephone, or some other kind of device. Another much-talked-about technology is the "electronic purse," which will operate like cash but be transferred electronically either in person or over the Internet. But in order for any of these technologies to become widespread, many problems of standard-setting and consumer acceptance will have to be overcome.
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