Women's History: Activity Pack


Women have made vital but often little-known contributions to American history. These lesson plans are based on History Detectives episodes that examine artifacts which provide clues to how women have been integral in the visual arts, in fighting political causes, and on battlefields. They offer students opportunities to hold a history-based political convention, create visual arts designs, and do biographical research.


Lesson Plans

Parading Through History: Debating Women's Suffrage


Students view images from the women's suffrage movement before watching a clip from the History Detectives episode Suffrage Pennant. They then hold a mock convention where students, in the roles of characters from history, present arguments for and against the women's right to vote.


Glass Windows and Glass Ceilings: Researching Women Artists of the 20th Century


After watching an excerpt from the History Detectives episode Tiffany Glass, which focuses on how an anonymous team of women artists helped to create the famous Tiffany stained glass works, students research other female artists of the 20th century.


Clara Barton: Using Primary and Secondary Source Documents to Create Digital Stories 


After viewing an excerpt from an investigation about Clara Barton, founder of the American Red Cross, students conduct primary source research about this historic figure, then use digital storytelling tools to tell the story of her Civil War activities and accomplishments.


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McRel Standards

These lessons are aligned to the McRel National Standards. They can also be aligned to the National Standards for History.