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Tree of LifeKeepers of the Biosphere
Dangerous Friends and Friendly Enemies
Creators of the Future

Program One: Dangerous Friends, Friendly Enemies

Produced by:
Marlo C. Bendau

M. Scott Martin

Written by:
Marlo C. Bendau
Julio Emilio Moliné

Series Producer:
Julio Emilio Moliné

Associate Producer:
David Grabias

Visual Effects Producer:
Michael Van Himbergen

Visual Effects Supervisor:
Jay Mark Johnson

Visual Effects Assistant:
Malcolm Wright

Production Accountants:
Randee Benavente
Kevin Greene

Location Assistance, Argentina:
Leandro Ekman
Katya Hodge

Location Assistance, Honduras:
Hispano Duron
Nolban Medrano

Computer Animation by:
Mondo Media
Britt Anderson, Art Director
Vivian Barad, Producer
Andy Murdock, Technical Director
Richard Quan, Director of Production
Scott Tolmie, Creative Director

Post Production:
Laserpacific Media Corp. André A. Trejo, Scheduling
Terry Brown, Chief Engineer
Michael Rankin, HD Engineer
Jay Steinberg, SuperComputer Editor

Photo Researchers, Inc.
The Royal Collection, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
Culver Pictures
Archive Photos
Andy Natanabah
Tony Stone Images
Pancho Morris

Stock Footage:
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Antear, S.A.
Diné College

Stone/Hallinan Associates, Inc.

Multimedia Research

Science Editors:
Barry Marrs, Ph.D.
Cynthia Needham, Ph.D.

Outreach Advisors:
Wayne Carley, Ph.D. Kathy Frame

Science Advisors:
Rita R. Colwell, Ph.D.
Alice S. Huang, Ph.D.
Holger Jannasch, Ph.D.
Mary E. Lidstrom, Ph.D.
Stephen Morse, Ph.D.
Frederic K. Pfaender,Ph.D.
David Pramer, Ph.D.
Moselio Schaechter, Ph.D.
Henry Williams, Ph.D.
Ralph Wolfe, Ph.D.


Music Composed by:
John Nordstrom

Directos of Photography:
Stuart Asbjornsen
Blake McHugh

Ralph Herman
Byron Glickfeld

Supervising Editor:
Stosh Jarecki

Narrated by:
Lillian Lehman

Bert Dodson

Sound Recordist:
Percy Urgena

Technical Coordinator:
Hedio Lobo

Production Coordinator:
Teri Kirkwood

Gaffers, United States:
John Stearns
Sam Burbank

Gaffer, United Kingdom:
Brian Taylor

Grip and Lighting:
Michael Samuelson Lighting, Ltd., London
Film Factory S.A., Buenos Aires
Commons Productions, Palo Alto, CA
Hollywood Rental Company Inc., Albuquerque, NM

Video Microscopy by:
Bruce J. Russell, Biomedia Associates
Quill Graphics Oxford Scientific Films
Stanley Falkow, Ph.D.
Denise Monack
Julie Theriot
Raphael H. Valdivia

AVID Rentals:
Video Symphony

Camera Rentals:
Bexel Corporation

On Line Editors:
Bill Missett
Michael Menczer

Mixed at: Stage Two Audio

Sound Designer:
Mark Korba

Re-Recording Engineers:
Mark Linden
Al Decker

Microbiology Workshop Leaders:
Edward Delong, Ph.D.
Stanley Falkow, Ph.D.
Gill Geesey, Ph.D.
Stephen Giovannoni, Ph.D.
Jenny C. Hunter-Cevera, Ph.D.
Dale Kaiser, Ph.D.
Margaret McFall-Ngai, Ph.D.
James Shapiro, Ph.D.
Craig Venter, Ph.D.


Special Thanks:
Linda Kaempfer Baker
Microbial Literacy Collaborative,
Project Manager Susan E. Kee
Sam Kaplan, , Ph.D.
Michael I. Goldberg, Ph.D.
Gene Buchanan
Doctors Without Borders
Maureen Cowdroy, Picture Research, UK
The Wellcome Trust, London
Guy's/St. Thomas Hospital, London
St. Mary's Cathedral, Huntington, England
Instituto Nacional de Enfermedades Virales, Humanas, Argentina
Presidencia de la Nación, Secretaria de Turismo, Argentina
University of New Mexico
Stanford University School of Medicine
Mariela Presman
Martin Aldasoro
Abigail Salyers, Ph.D.
Studio City Travel
Ellen Jo Barron, Ph.D., for Instigation of the Series
Leon Silverman, for Invaluable Support

Production and Finance Manager: Casey Spira

Executive Producer: Peter Baker, Ph.D.

A Production of:
Baker & Simon Associates, in association with Oregon Public Broadcasting

Major Funding Provided by:
The National Science Foundation
The Office of Biological and Environmental Research, U.S. Dept. of Energy
American Society for Microbiology
The Annenberg/CPB Project

Additional Funding Provided by:
The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations Corporation for Public Broadcasting

For information on this program, including videos, books and other materials in the Annenberg/CPB Collection, call 1-800-LEARNER.




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