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The Frontlines
Honduras is one of the poorest countries in the Americas. Many people in this Central American country live in conditions far below the living standards of the industrialized world.

In the underdeveloped countries, the poor conditions increase the risk of disease and the scarce medical resources make harder to treat disease properly. With so many diseases flourishing in these countries, if a Hanta virus surfaced, it would very likely go unrecognized or untreated.

Dr. Germaine Hanquet is a physician working in Honduras with the international agency Doctors Without Borders. She also worked in Africa before coming in Central America, and she has seen how important environmental conditionss are to controlling disease.

However, she warns that the diseases she fights in Honduras everyday can appear anywhere in the world:

"It's clear that infectious diseases do not have borders; they do not respect borders. Nowadays, people are moving so much from one country to another country, every country is at risk [for] almost of every disease."

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