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Dangerous Friends and Friendly Enemies
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Tree of Life
Genetics is creating a new understanding how life began and evolved on Earth.

The Puzzle
Dr. Carl Woese has redrawn the tree of life, changing how we see ourselves.

Karl Stetter is hunting for the closest living relative to the first life on Earth.

The Pieces
Dr. Karen Nelson's work with the genetics of Thermatoga has revealed some surprising information on this primitive bacteria.

Keepers of the Biosphere
Biosphere II was a grand experiment of self-containt environment.

View From the Forest
Biologists are taking a more holistic view of ecosystems, including the unseen microbes.

Oceans of Microbes
Microbes have adapted to the most extreme environments on Earth.

Dangerous Friends and Friendly Enemies
Most microbes are harmless, but some are the cause of disease.

Four Corners
The Four Corners outbreak of Hanta virus was a deadly visit from an old enemy.

English Sweate
Infectuous microbes have plagued humans for millennia, and have altered history.

The Frontlines
Dr. Hanquet battle disease everyday in some of the pooriest areas of the world.

A New Strategy
Disease-causing microbes have also adapted to our medicine, using different strategies to infect us.

Creators of the Future
A new age of biology applying our new understanding of life to solve many of our problems.

Enlisting New Fighters
The best source of antibiotics may be nature.

A terrible nuclear accident may have created a most unlikely laboratory.

Engineering Our Crops
New techniques in genetic engineering can strengthen our crops.

Microbes may also help us clean up our toxic pollution.

Silicon and Cells
New technologies are blending silicon chips and biology giving us new tools for medicine.

Game of Life
Life is a game of survival.

About the Program
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