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Series Credits

Produced by RDF Media and History Television International in Association with Oregon Public Broadcasting

Filming by kind permission of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

  • Narrator: Tim Pigott-Smith
  • Series Produced and Directed by: Matt Reid
  • Writer and Associate Producer: Robert Hardman
  • Executive Producer for HTI: Andy Goodsir
  • Executive Producer for the BBC: Martin Davidson
  • Executive Producer: Denys Blakeway
  • OPB Executives in Charge of Production: Steven M. Bass, David Davis
  • Photography: Sam Key, Kenneth Fuhr, Kevin French, Neil Pollack, David Richardson, Orlando Stuart, Peter Wilkinson, Jamie Wightman
  • Sound: A J Butterworth, Simon Dyer, Simon Forrester, Chris Sheedy, Mike Stephenson, Alexander Sullivan, Everett Wong
  • Editors: Mark Knowles, Craig Nicholls, Brett Irwin, Jake Roberts, Megan Townend, Jon Willis

Web Site Credits

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