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Episode 3: Headquarters

Behind the scenes at Buckingham Palace, the nerve center of the British monarchy

Buckingham Palace's six hundred and fifty rooms form the nerve center of the British monarchy. From here, the Queen directs the business of the royal family, entertains heads of state, and conducts her private life. "Headquarters" goes beyond the palace gates for a rare glimpse inside its elaborate operations.

Ghana's President Kufour and his wife, along with their entourage, arrive for a State visit culminating in a magnificent banquet. At Her Majesty's official birthday celebration, thousands of well-wishers gather under the palace balcony before members of the House of Windsor head inside for a private family party. And when the Queen prepares for her annual move to Balmoral in Scotland, the palace staff readies the royal apartments for a spectacular exhibit of her formal gowns and jewelry.

Web Feature

SecretarySlideshow: Working at Headquarters
Meet some of the people who work at Buckingham Palace and help keep the monarchy running.


The staff of Buckingham Palace makes their last minute preparations as the guests arrive for an elaborate State dinner honoring Ghana's President.