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Episode 6: Inside the Firm

A look at life as a member of the royal family

To handle 4,000 state visits, balls, school dedications, nursing home visits, and charity events, the Queen depends on her husband, her children, cousins, and now a new generation of grandchildren. In "Inside the Firm," all four of the Queen's children talk frankly about the roles they were born into and the challenges of royal life.

Each has a unique royal style: Prince Edward's theater training helps him give a special flourish to the standard plaque unveiling.  Prince Charles advocates for farmers and takes the train to reduce his carbon footprint.  And Princess Anne, who felt uneasy with her role at first, is now known as the hardest working royal with 595 engagements in a single year.  And everyone is on hand for the biggest indoor royal event of the year when nearly a thousand diplomats from 157 nations attend a sumptuous royal ball.

The Queen and Us:

Princess Anne and Prince Edward talk about the challenges and secrets behind managing the hundreds of royal engagements they attend each year in support of the Queen.