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Episodes 1 & 2: The State Visit

Follow the elaborate preparations in Virginia and Britain as the Queen gets ready to visit America

How do American hosts entertain a monarch who has visited nearly every country on earth and dined with ten U.S. presidents? "The State Visit" follows the elaborate preparation, as four locations get ready for a visit from the Queen.

In Jamestown, Virginia, the chief archeologist brushes up on royal etiquette. In Williamsburg, Virginia, nervous hotel staff make sure they prepare Her Majesty's room to an exacting standard of perfection. For the visit, the White House hosts the first and only white-tie dinner of the administration.

In exclusive interviews, celebrity photographer Annie Liebovitz shares her desire to capture the essence of monarchy, First Lady Laura Bush personally leads a private tour of the White House, and the Queen's press secretary reveals the challenges of keeping up with her boss.

Web Feature

Robert HardmanOnline Chat with Robert Hardman Read his responses
Robert Hardman, writer and associate producer of the PBS television documentary "Monarchy: The Royal Family at Work" answered viewer questions about the making of the series and his ten years of experience covering the royal family for the Daily Telegraph.

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