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Cast of Characters
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Abramson to Bosack

Norm Abramson
University of Hawaii professor, developer of ALOHAnet (1970), founder of Aloha Networks.

Marc Andreessen
While an undergraduate at the University of Illinois, Andreessen and seven other programmers wrote the first graphical browser for the World Wide Web called MOSAIC (1992). After graduating, Jim Clark and Adreessen founded Netscape (1994) to market the browser.

Steve Ballmer
Harvard roommate of Bill Gates; President, CEO of Microsoft.

Paul Baran
RAND Corporation researcher, cofounder of Aloha Networks.

Andy Bechtolsheim
Cofounder of Sun Microsystems, founder of Granite Systems (later aquired by Cisco Systems)

Tim Berners-Lee
Information technologist at CERN (European particle physics laboratory), inventor of World Wide Web.

Congressman Frederick C. Boucher
Virginia representative who introduced legislation that allowed commercial use of Internet.

Len Bosack
Cofounder of Cisco Systems, founder of XKL Technologies, former director of Stanford's computer science department.

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