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Film Credits  |  Web Credits


Documentary Film Credits

Produced by RDF Media and History Television International in Association with Oregon Public Broadcasting

Executive Producers: Adam Kemp (For BBC), Lucy Hetherington (for BBC), Martin Davidson, Andy Goodsir

OPB Executives in Charge of Production: David Davis, Jack Galmiche

Producer/Director: Matt Reid

Writer: Robert Hardman

Editors: Richard Wilding (Online Editor), Olivia Baldwin, Brett Irwin, Jon Willis

Photography: Nigel Denman, Kevin French, G-Pixx Flying TV, Mike Gillaspy, Orlando Stuart, Jamie Wightman

Sound: Chris Sheedy, Mike Stephenson

Composer: Samuel Sim

Funder: PBS


Web Site Credits

Executive Producer: Marion Rice Ed.D.

Producer: Sam Ward

Designer/Developer: Heather Hawkins


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