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The Truth About Philadelphia
Program 1

Shakara Booker
Student, Fairhill

Question #15 When in your life have you felt most alone?

Glenn: When have you felt alone, like separated from the City? Is there any time when you didn't like the way the City was -- what they were doing?

Shakara: Mmmm, one time I felt alone. We had -- it was just this big thing where, umm, first it started off as -- we had, umm, where these guys were selling drugs out of a garage on the back street over here. And we just happened to be on that street playing freeze tag, and all of a sudden all we hear is boom, boom, boom. And it was like, gun shots. And what I didn't like was the way the City was going about handling, looking and seeing what was going on, because they really just sat on it. They just took their time. And then comes to find out, they had to get a squad team and all of that. They had on top of people's homes. And then like, not so long ago like a month later, they had this thing where they, umm, this whole area, just this area right here was under, umm, a federal investigation, where they had found, umm, some bodies on Diamond Street OD'd in a house. They had found some other guy stabbed up. Another guy had got shot buying drugs. And it was just like, so much stuff was just happening in this little area at one time. And I mean, the cops -- the City they weren't really going about it the way they should have. They did not really impact on things, they yeah -- they blocked the street off. They had cops walking around for what, two days. And then they unblocked the streets and everything was back to normal. And I mean, I really didn't like that, because it didn't make any sense because it wasn't like they were, you know, doing their best to get to the bottom of things. They just wanted to, you know, stop the people coming from in and out of Jersey, and different states buying drugs. That's basically what they did blocking off the streets. Because people with Jersey license plates, if you didn't have a real good lie or a real good thing to say, oh well, I'm visiting a dying relative or something, you could not get in, because they knew that you were going to buy drugs or purchase drugs.

Glenn: So you were frustrated that -- you didn't think they -- that the...

Shakara: I was very frustrated and I -- I just didn't feel safe, because all these dead bodies coming up, all these people getting killed. And that's like, I see that on the news and I get very panic when I see all this crime happening in high schools, and people taking guns, I be like, look mom, for high school you got to give me a tutor, cause I really don't want to go and just get shot cause I got a Tommy Hilfiger shirt on, or my hair look better than somebody else hair, or things like that.

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