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The Truth About Philadelphia
Program 1

Wutha Chinn
Social Worker/Community Activist, Olney

Question #17 What is the saddest thing you've ever seen in Philadelphia?

Glenn: Anything come to mind if I ask you what the saddest thing you've ever seen in Philadelphia is?

Wutha: Oh yeah. Uh, probably would apply to a lot of place, but, uh, I do see -- you know, people are fighting. Not, not because of -- it's only one thing -- because they're not the same people. That is the saddest thing I see. A friend, a friend of mine who Cambodian, again, who came to Philadelphia just for visit, umm, this is three years ago. And he drive by, you know, a narrow street in South Philadelphia, and he got beat up for nothing, pulled out of the car, got beat up and killed just because, you know, he's Asian. So, that was the saddest thing. And I, that's why I choose to work in the City of Philadelphia, you know, human relations, because I, you know, plus I was a victim myself, uh, and that was the saddest thing, yeah. And I see that happen all over the place. Yeah.

Glenn: When you say you were a victim, is there any one specific example that you're talking about or is it?

Wutha: Umm, any one or? Yeah, I, I was a victim because, you know, when I, again, when I, 15 years ago when I was and uh, as that influence has lessened and changed. Uh, so there is the part of me that. And again, I, I (LAUGH) apologize.

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