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The Truth About Philadelphia
Program 1

Mary Cousar
Logan, Community Activist

Glenn: And if I ask you what's the saddest thing you've ever seen in Philadelphia?

Mary: (EXCERPT) Umm, the saddest thing is looking at the, the, the canvas prints of the kids who, umm, have died because of gun violence. And I guess that's what really associates me to those photographs because two of the children who are on "Lost Dreams in Canvas," one was a little girl, she was sixteen when she got killed. We had met her three months before because her boyfriend had been killed during a robbery, and we kind of got t know her and her mother. And when we heard that this girl had been killed, we went to the house and we knew we were familiar with the house. And then when I saw the lady I said, "Oh my God, it's her daughter." And you know, it's just, and that's very, very sad. As a, kid, my foster par...parent was a grandparent, an elderly woman and I went to a lot of funerals with her but it was all of old people. And to just have to deal with the death of all these kids is very very sad. And we lose, when we lose a child to violence we lose another child, because we also lose the child that did the shooting or did the killing. So we lose, we lose doubly. And when they say that we've lost 25,000 young people because of violence in the last ten years they forget to count the 25,000 that did it which is another group of people. And it's almost as if America is having a war.

And the, what is happening is we're killing off our kids and the rest of them we're putting in jail. And that makes the whole society just sad. Because we're losing too many young people and umm, the work can't continue to be done by people in my age group, we need younger people involved in the work and getting out there to stop what's gong on because they, they're not gonna have anybody left.

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