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The Truth About Philadelphia

Roland Delaney
Community Activist, West Philadelphia

Glenn: So, I, I'm practically telling the truth about Philadelphia. And if you were gonna be making a film about "The Truth About Philadelphia," what would you, what would it be about?

Roland: (excerpts) The factories are gone, and industrial energy's this and that, and so, people don't, they have not been trained to become small middle-sized business people, so, therefore, they just feel they have to turn to the benefits, with unions and others have sort of substituted as a crutch. And so, with the crutch, they don't think beyond that crutch. So again, a lot of that means that we have got to begin to, to present tough love. Tell it hard, tell it straight, and let the chips fall where they may. And sometime, when you begin to attack people, they'll begin to defend themselves, but eventually they're beginning to accept they're part of the problem, and allow them, if you put out a few here's what you may be able to do, select something that they can do best to help with what they, we, what they have. We got so much talent that just goes into the grave. And so, again, my concern is outside, outside these churches, who have totally zombienized our people, have done nothing to recycle these people who are in the by and large, by and large, these are the educators and the blue collar people who have skills and talent, they have not recycled them into the community to do anything, and, unfortunately, except prepare them for some death. Eh, uh, and to me, that's a tragedy. And to me, that is part of, in fact that is worse than slavery. Because you've taken someone who has something and then stifle it. The person who has nothing and stifle it, big deal, they have nothing g-nothing gained, nothing lost. But a person who has acquired life experiences and you name it, that's worth its weight in gold. And it's, and to do nothing with this, stimulate a, a tutoring club, or something with it, is an insult.

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