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The Truth About Philadelphia

Kelly Green
Community Advocate, Northeast

Glenn: If, the fact that the country was founded here, do you think that impacts the way the psyche of the city?

Kelly: It's everybody from every different culture and ethnic background and, and religious background. They're all here. And, eh, for the most part, we all get along. Umm, those are active in communities. There are activists all over. We all get along together. And we all want the same things for our communities. We all want to keep them clean and safe. Umm, we all want to keep our, you know, kids educated and, and safe and have good after school programs. So, yeah, I, I think that one thing has always held true and, and that has been, you know, we, we walk along the halls of freedom here. Umm, we, we live in freedom. And, umm, freedom to believe what we choose. Freedom to be who we want to be. Umm, yeah, Philadelphia, I think, remains the, the city of, of historic, ya, you know, aspects of beauty and, and, and.

Glenn: That's a great response. So you, you know, the fact that, that we, that you, do you reflect on the fact that when you're, when you're interacting the city, the fact that it is a place of history and a place that, that, umm, you know, our country was founded?

Kelly: Yeah. I do. Umm, all my work surfaces around the, umm, Preamble of the Constitution. Which is what brought me to where I work now. Umm, the fact that it was, you know, the, the signing of the Declaration of Independence is here, the Liberty Bell is here. Umm, I will not drive home from Center City Philadelphia without going down Market Street to see the Liberty Bell. Umm, I hope they don't move it because I love where it is. You can see it right off the street and, and anybody passing by can see all the people admiring it and loving it. And, umm, and Carpenter's Hall is here and every July 8th, they read the Declaration of Independence. Right here in the city of Philadelphia. And you can walk anywhere in, you know, in the city and, and see somebody dressed as, as Ben Franklin or and it's just, it's an amazing city. Eh, I mean it has, how many cities can you go to that have this kind of history? And, and still revel in it?

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