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The Truth About Philadelphia

Glenn Hing

#3 Our country was founded here. How does this face affect the attitudes of the people who live in the city?

Glenn: As a -- growing up in Philly, did the fact that the country was founded here, do you think that impacts the people of the psyche of the people who live here, in what ways?

Hing: Yeah, I want to answer that in -- in -- in a sense that we don't know what's in front of us, and we don't appreciate things until we don't have it. Okay? I think the people of Philadelphia, in general, umm, well it's neither here nor there for them. It's here, but it's not something that, umm, it's played up in their mind. Umm, they're not a tourist, so to speak. I mean, Independence Mall, the Liberty Bell, you know, those are some -- the -- the high-volume tourist attractions of the City. Umm, I'm sure there are -- a lot of people in Philadelphia that's never seen the Liberty Bell up close, touched it, walked through Independence, uh, Independence Hall. So I mean, in that -- in that sense, I mean, it's -- umm, does it affect them? I mean, the fact that they live in Philadelphia and it's the birth place of our -- the birth place of our country, does that make that much more of a difference? I don't' really think so. I really don't think so. I mean, I for one, I mean, umm, aside from going to, uh, class trips when I was in grade school, to the Liberty Bell and to Independence -- Independence Hall and -- and to the other historic sites in the City, umm, I really had no real interest in -- in seeing that. Why? Because it was there and you used to pass by it every other day, and it's there. So I wouldn't say that it's a focus. So, you know, I want to be in Philadelphia because it's the birth place of America. I don't think that that's -- I don't think you're gonna find too many people in Philadelphia that are gonna say that.Holsten Maybe it's because I wasn't born here.Hing it's -- its' -- it's true, but it's -- I think it's not just Philadelphia and the Liberty Bell, and Independence Hall, and the historic sites. I think people of whatever city don't appreciate what they have until they're away. Okay? And it's strictly -- it's strictly that. It's -- it's not a bad thing, per say, it's just human nature, I believe.

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