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The Truth About Philadelphia

Kevin Horne
Entrepreneur, West Philly

Question #9: What have been the most dramatic moments of your life living in Philadelphia?

Glenn: What are the most dramatic moments of your life, living in Philadelphia?

Kevin: One of the most dramatic moments, is, uh, marching ag...against drugs, it's one of the things that we do. I happen to be the president of an organization called "Commitment Concern Against Drugs". And, when we're out there and I, march on a crack house and see a mother who's out of her mind come to the door screaming that she don't use drugs, and see a baby behind her having been, uh, haven't ate, or hungry or a house that's, that's, tore apart and seeing like nobody care, that, that breaks, that breaks me down. They really do.

Glenn: Can you tell, describe to me what a march on a, on a drug house is like and what kind of, how many people are with you and what, what time of day is it, just keep telling the story...

Kevin: We do it all times a day. We come out at, we come out at night, we come out in the day, we go around the schools, we, we march in a neighborhood where it's drug-infested. We, drug dealers that took over the community, and we try to free the community. We, we try to bring hope and leadership in the neighborhood where people are lost, uh, uh, and we note that it's good people in the neighborhood who are afraid to speak out. And when we organize and we get different people from different parts of the neighborhood and we service each community by having a people movement, a peaceful, peaceful movement and we march the streets by chanting, "Up with hope and down with dope", "Drugs are no good, get 'em out of your neighborhood". And that's one of the things that we organize and I have been doing that for the last 10 years.

Glenn: What goes through your head when you're doing that? When you're actually marching there.

Kevin: Making a difference. Making the difference. I get energy by, when I go out there and get on the bull horn, I get more courage because I know I'm doing something God would want me to do. I know he's controlling me, and he's leading me in that direction to try to help others who are hostages. And to try to let young people know it is the role models out here, and they don't have to look up to drug dealers. And, and uh, and uh, and that's something that, that, that uh, I'm deeply involved in, and I, I think that I will continue to do that until God stop me.

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