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The Truth About Philadelphia

Cassandra Lor
Community Activist, Bensalem/Chinatown

Glenn: And umm, can you describe a time in your life when you felt really good about the City, if there's one?

Cassandra: Well, I mean, you know in general, I think living in Philadelphia is sort of like, because of the people, you know, are together. And umm, where I work it seem like, it just so, you know, everyone's so tight together. You know, you know everyone else. And I think that's the good tings that you feel about when you go to a certain community. And it just divides them, it's like, oh you're welcome here. But then when you go to different place where's a lot of things happening, you felt like you're an outsider. So if I go from Philadelphia to New York, it's a totally different, you know, umm, environment. Because when I went to New York China Town, and then I'm thinking about what's different between China Town here and there? And then you can see different, how different it is. So I think I really feel great about, you know, the people that I'm in contact with, or I work with. And because of, umm, there's certain things about them that keep together.

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