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The Truth About Philadelphia

Jerry Newman
Deli Manager, Northeast

Glenn: If, what do you believe is the secret to living together peacefully in this City?

Jerry: Uh, education, although that's kind of broad. Family. Parents. I, I believe that your parents instill a lot of values, things that are important, uh, just to function together in this world. The good, I, I, I guess the golden rule, you know, treat others as you would want to be treated yourself, you know. Empathy is a word that I, that I enjoy in my life. I just find that that's very important. And, and, and if, and that's, that's what I try to impart into my children. And I think it's worked. I mean I know that my daughter, uh, several years ago, uh, I looked in my closet and I was missing some shoes. And I said, uh, you know, I'm missing some shoes. And she said, oh yeah, she said I took 'em down to 30th Street Station. She said there were some people there that didn't have shoes and it was cold, it was the winter, they were wearing sneakers. So I gave 'em your shoes. And I said, Steph, that's great. And I felt very proud. And, and I, I think it's a tremendous thing that she's done. And smarter than me. I didn't do it, but as I say, it's the youth of today that's gonna prevail. And, uh, I'm just very fortunate to, to be able to, you know, to have my children do that.

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