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The Truth About Philadelphia

William Newman
Entrepreneur, Germantown

Question #8: Think about your life in terms of a drama. If you were to create a film about your life, what would be the story line? Plot? Themes?

William: I guess it would, it would begin in school trying to -- Well, you know, I never achieved what I really wanted to achieve in life anyway but I also know I'm not gonna do that right now either. But, umm, oh, I always wanted to be a movie star, (Laughter) like everybody else, but you know, those things never happen. So I guess it would be to find another route to take where you're gonna also affect your life and be happy at the same time. And that's one thing that's hard to do, to work somewhere and be happy working, doing what you're working at and make money at the same time. Where's that, there's no perfect match, it's always one or the other, either you're happy what you're doing but you're not making enough money or you're making enough money but you just wake up buried alive. Cause I know when I worked at Kodak that's what it was like.

So I guess it would be to finally, finally finding something you want to do that makes you happy when you wake up and being successful at the same time. And that's what this is doing for me right now. So I guess that's where the movie starts, where I would start out in school and I worked for Eastman Kodak where I was miserable for fifteen years, but I was making a lot of money, and then find out that there was another way of doing it and having your own business and maybe not being as, making as much money, but at least having the peace of mind and happiness that you can. And I'm not finished yet because I'm just starting. 'Cause if this starts I'm have everything, I'll have the money and success and everything else.

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