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The Truth About Philadelphia

Wilma Pyle
Cashier, Juanita Park

Glenn: What do you think a neighborhood, like Kensington, needs most?

Wilma: I think they need a goal. I think they need somebody to, to go there and, and help those people cause a lot of them weren't always on drugs. A lot of them always weren't not working. They just got into a -- I guess they like got into like a bad crowd or got into a bad situation and couldn't get out of it. It's a shame.

Glenn: It is a shame to just see neighborhood just deteriorate.

Wilma: Because we used to shop there. They firebombed the Burger King. They closed all the stores up. You can't shop there now on the Avenue. Everything's closed. They're either begging, they're laying all over the subways, they're urinating all over the City. You know, they're, they're, uh, killing animals and putting them in trash cans. They're not taking care of anything. They just don't care about people's houses. They don't care about people, their homes, nothing. They just give up. And I think everybody, if everybody pitches together and cleaned up a section, be a heck of a lot better.

Glenn: Well, when you said they need a, you said they need a goal?

Wilma: Yeah, they need something to look forward to. I mean some of these people like they need. I think the jobs are there. But I don't think a lot of them are like. Some of them maybe feel like they're not educated. I used to do all kinds of work. I used to. I cleaned for the Federal Reserve Bank. I worked at Wendy's. I worked at, uh, the Au Bon Pain, I worked at the Italian Oven. I worked at Sears ten years. So, I've never been without work. And I'm 52 years old. I used to work two jobs. I used to work at Sears during the day, and do telephone work at night.

So I think if you want to do something, you can go out there and do it. You have to get up in the morning and, and have a thing, a place to go. You have to have like a system, like a, a schedule, you know? Unwind on the weekends and do what you want to do. But during the week, you know, get yourself going. Don't stand there on the corner with a paper cup and beg for money, you know? I know a girl, quite a few years ago, she had a seeing eye dog. And, uh, she lost her leg. Truck hit her, ran her over. But she's working. She's back to work. Which is good. Yeah. Glenn: So when you see something like that. Wilma: You know you can overcome anything.

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