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The Truth About Philadelphia

Darling Rosario
Community Activist, West Kensington

Glenn: Definitely. So, I know this is a big question, but what is your initial reaction when I ask you, like, what needs to happen so that these neighborhoods can, you know, be made?

Darling: Wow, uh, that's, that is a big question. I think first, people need to respect each other, first of all. We we went over there to play and, and it was fine and it was kind of like a world in itself for me, for us. And umm, when I we ?might have some things here that they might not have. We might have, you know, community involvement, we might have true respect for our neighbors, that, you know, in Society Hill might not ex -- might not exist. You know, because, you know, they're too busy up in Society Hill to -- to deal, you know, with. But we, you know, as -- as -- as common folk, we can, you know, talk and we can really, really, like, become involved with each other, you know. Umm, and I think, umm, that's exactly what has to happen. You know, people have to take pride in their community, and really take those neighborhoods back. .

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