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The Truth About Philadelphia

Celia Santiago
Secretary, West Kensington

Question #7 What is your greatest hope for the future of the city of Philadelphia?

Glenn: What, umm, what is your, think about the whole city as, uh, and the future of the city. What is your greatest hope for the future of the city? What is your hope for how the city can be and, you know?

Celia: Well, for example, uh, the way that the place that I live in right now because I live in the North right here, and this side is Kensington area, all this is Kensington area, I believe and for the whole city if the ultimate plan is to be one city, to be united and the tour-tourists that go over there, for them to be over here to see little things that we have also. I mean, take a look around. It's not one part of Philadelphia they may go. There's a lot of places, organizations, (SIREN) that do a lo-- a lot of good for poor family. So, so it n-- it's not like to see a piece of statue and know the history. It's only actually what eh, is the present right now. I mean, we have to learn the past, the present, to, for us to at least know what's gonna happen in the future. And the better environment and all that kind of things, beautiful values for the people that actually they know, I hope that they don't get lost.

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