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The Truth About Philadelphia

Carol Smith
Entrepreneur, South Philadelphia

Glenn: I agree and I know when people are using the drive and this vibe comes off like when there, you see couples embrace.

Carol: Yeah, and you see people walk. And you see, that's where you see Philadelphia at its best. You see all the nationalities running up and down, sittin' in the park, riding a bicycle, playing a picnic, fishing, you know, feeding the ducks. Laying out there kissin', you know, kids running. I've never seen any trouble on the drive. I don't know whether you have or not? I'm sure there probably has been at some point in time but people just seem to do their myriad and sundry things together without getting any, they're skating, they're bicycle riding, they're walking, they're running, you know, they're doing everything. And everybody's just doing it.

Glenn: You're so right, I've never felt like any hostility, or any tension.

Carol: No, I've never felt it. Never felt it, never felt it. Even when you'd see guys, a big old, you don't even feel it because they just, you know, you get sucked up in it. I've never felt it.

Glenn: Maybe that's because at that particular place everyone's brought, I mean you leave all your neighborhoods and your possessions ... mostly.

Carol: 'Cause you don't have anything but yourself or your bike or you sa..., skates, or your skateboard.

Glenn: You don't even have your car.

Carol: Fishing pole. Yeah that's right, your car is parked. You know.

Glenn: So it's really just like ...

Carol: It's everybody is come equal for a change. And it's amazing how you just see people just walk. Some people talk to you, some people just walk past. But you just, you have no, I've never felt any kind of stress or tension, anything in the air, you know. Even in the evenings at dusk you see people, I wondering, you know, they shouldn't be out, they shouldn't be running down the street it getting dark. They just seem just as comfortable.

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