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The Truth About Philadelphia

Frank (Francesco) Sodano
Retired Salesman, South Philadelphia and Olney

Question #13 What do you fantasize about doing in your life that is different from what you now do?

Glenn: So what is your -- what are some of your day dreams or fantasies, fantasies about your life that are different from what you actually do? I mean, if you could be doing anything right now, what would you be doing? And it could be complete fantasy.

Frankie: Umm, what -- would I would do? Well, I -- if I -- my fantasy is -- is, if I ever got rich, and I know there's people out there that are rich, and I would get some of these houses I see in Philadelphia and buy the whole block, and I would make it -- well, you couldn't come in, except through one place, and -- and you couldn't scale the walls from the outside. And uh, and in the center it would be like a little park, and I would rent my places out to a married woman with children. And I would, uh, rent the other half out to old people, and they would be binded at their place, and the -- and the young women with children would be binded here, and uh, their, their rent and all would be held -- I would -- I would try and keep it so it's within their means, and I would hope that the old folks could? great idea.

Frank: Yeah, well I thought the old people like kids and the kids like old people, and uh, they -- they could almost work something out where it would be a beneficial to both of them, you know, und -- under supervision of course, where the mothers could watch and make sure that everything's Kosher.

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