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The Truth About Philadelphia

Janice Steinberg
Teacher, West Mount Airy

Question #13 What do you fantasize about doing in your life that is different from what you now do?

Glenn: Well what, what do you fantasize about doing in your life that's different from what you're doing now? I mean this is pure fantasy time.

Janice: Okay. It's the fantasy, I'm out there. Okay. I have this incredible spread. I have a huge spread with a great house. The house has lots of rooms. Money's not an issue. There's lots of animals. People are always coming over. It's a space where you can come and feel safe and have a repose. I have a huge dining room table. There's always people coming in, putting something on it. I'm always throwing something on it that I've made. I have a work room. I have tools galore. I work with wood. I sculpt. I create things. I just take whatever passions exist in my life and I put them into some form. I, I have musicians coming over. I play the guitar really well. I can remember the words to every song. In fact, I've written them. I write great poetry. I sit down with some of the finest writers. People perform great plays. Oh, God, it's just an incredible place to come. And you want to come there because it's a place where you can stop, see the beauty, smell the roses. It's really kind of a place where you can just be. I'd like that. I'd like to share it.

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