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The Truth About Philadelphia

Hoa Tran
Social Worker, Northern Liberties

Question #9: What have been the most dramatic moments of you life living in Philadelphia?

Hoa: Um, basically what happened was, we were just looking through the papers and found this, uh, duplex in Manayunk. And umm, I called the guy and he, I said, uh, you know, responding to the ad and he was like, "Oh I'm here, you know, come by and check out the place." And I said. "Oh, okay, we'll be there in 30 minutes." We get there, Tendi's in front of me and he goes up the stairs, the apartment was on the second floor and the guy, umm, we're knocking, oh, well the door was open so we're like, "Hello, we're here," and he was like, "Oh I'm up here come on up." And so he's at the top of the stair case, Tendi, he sees Tendi first and he's like, "Oh, come on up." And then the moment he saw me turn me turn the corner, his face just, it was very obvious his face dropped and, umm, and he's like, "Oh I'm sorry, I just rented out this apartment." (Laugh.) It's like okay, very nice. You know, usually I would make a big deal out of it and then do this whole confrontational thing but I was like, you know it's not even worth it. And the thing is that it's, he made himself aware to me and so I wouldn't want to be renting there anyway and it was good that he showed himself from the beginning. So, but ...

Glenn: And that was when you first moved into the, when you were first moving here?

Hoa: Yeah, no, this is when we came in June for like a week. We had a week to look for a place to live in Philly. And, umm, you know, so we called all over the place. But, you know, those incidents I'm used to, I've experienced it for many years and so, but you know still, even though I experience it, you know, it's always a shocker, every time. And, umm, and uh, and I don't know what it is at the moment whether I decide to say, you know, the hell with you, or be confrontational back or just ignore it. I'm I don't know what leads me to make that decision at the time, but there, you know, like in that situation it was like okay, thank you, bye.

Umm, and then there are other times like we were at that restaurant in Chestnut Hill, you know, I was very brusque back to the guy (Laughter.), you know, so and usually 90% of the time I have a response. But, umm, and then there are the other times that it's like, it's not worth it. But ...

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