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The Truth About Philadelphia
Program 1

Daryl Upshaw
Student, North Philadelphia

Glenn: What is the thing that frustrates you most about Philadelphia?

Daryl: Um, what, in people? About the people of Philadelphia, or, or Philadelphia?

Glenn: Let's start with the people.

Daryl: The people, they're a little, they don't want to see all the negativity. They don't want to try to, they don't want to see the negativity. They, they try to look at the positive, but if you look at the negatives, they bring out, if you look at the negative, then you can push out the positive. I mean, you look at the negative, you push out the negative, and bring out the positive. But, they don't wanna see that. They don't wanna see the negative.

Glenn: When you say "they", who are you talking about?

Daryl: People in general.

Glenn: So, what happens when they don't see the negative, when they don't want to look at the negative.

Daryl: Then, the pos-, the negative will sit there and it'll build up more and more and it won't balance out.

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