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The Truth About Philadelphia

Brian Weatherspoon
Network Specialist, North Philadelphia and West Oak Lane

Question #8 Think about your life in terms of a drama. If you were to create a film about your life, what would be the story line? Plot? Themes?

Glenn: If you were gonna make a film about your life, your life story, what would, uh, what would be the -- the themes that come out of it; I think we know the story line.

Brian: Yeah (LAUGH). Umm, the story line, but what themes would come out of it? Transition, transition from -- from a boy to a man. Transitions, I think that will be the sign, transitions. Umm, the roughest part from coming from the lifestyle of the streets to becoming something productive, just for your own personal good, uh, was such a challenge. Uh, there is -- there wasn't a lot of help coming out, you know. And -- and you're really fighting to come out, because here I am one day having so much money I don't have to look at the price tag on anything. The next day saying, "Well, I have the choice, I could still go there, but if I want to do right, I could take this McDonald's job for $4.25 an hour, and literally have no money." Uh, because you had no skills to do anything other than that.

Umm, so it would be transitions, transitions of learning from having high -- so-called high esteem, or bad success but high. To go into a lower state and really learning what it was to become a man. Learning that you had to take low sometimes. Sometimes you had to do without just to make -- just to be right about some things.

Facing your past, was another transition I had to have. Whether it was from financial reasons, whether it was from people that I hurt in my past, I had to learn how to face them, apologize to some of those people and move on.

Uh, transition from learning what it was to get up early in the morning and go get a job. You're used to sleeping 12 o'clock all day long. You didn't have to get up, your work doesn't start till night time, because you have to hide everything. But learning to get back up and be productive again. Go in there even when you're not getting what you want, but still learning that. But it's necessary to go on. I had to learn that, so transitions would be my theme, transitions.

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