Architect Michael Graves: A Grand Tour

Architect Michael Graves: A Grand Tour re-aired Sunday, August 18, 2013.

Architect Michael Graves - A Grand Tour
Host Geoffrey Baer takes us on a voyage through Michael Graves’ career.

About the Program

In the world of architecture, terms such as “classical,” “modern,” and “postmodern” signify much more than just visual styles. They represent entire schools of thought, vital worldviews, and best of all, great stories. 

The career and work of architect Michael Graves offers us a window into this world — and an opportunity to understand how these important movements came about. Graves’ story is very much the story of architecture in the 20th century.


Image - body_michael-graves_2.jpg
Main Library of Topeka and Shawnee County.

In Architect Michael Graves: A Grand Tour, host Geoffrey Baer takes us on a voyage through Graves’ career and the influences that shaped him, from his early days studying in Rome to the life-altering events of 2003 – events that changed his personal perspective and brought about a new kind of professional achievement.

Geoffrey Baer is an Emmy Award winning producer for WTTW Chicago best known as the host and writer of WTTW’s popular Chicago-area tour programs such as Chicago by Boat, Chicago’s Loop and Chicago’s Lakefront.

Visit the documentary's website to:

  • Learn more about Michael Graves’s most significant architectural contributions with an interactive timeline.
  • Watch exclusive interviews with noted American architects.
  • What is Postmodernism? After Roman temples and before functional skyscrapers, learn about the period in between.
  • Explore the works of Graves in images, video and text.
  • Find links about architecture, other American architects and more.


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Architect Michael Graves: A Grand Tour

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