Slavery, the origins of race, ancient views of difference, 19th century race science, and more.
Topic Name Description
  Race Timeline - GO DEEPER SHORT SUMMARY - how racial classification has changed over time. Race is a modern idea that evolved out of specific historical circumstances.
origins of race, U.S. history, world history The Historical Origins and Development of Racism ARTICLE BY GEORGE FREDRICKSON - a brief overview of the evolution of the race concept in the West.
origins of race, slavery, racism, classification, U.S. history Presentation by Historian Barbara J. Fields EDITED TRANSCRIPT - how race was created to justify American slavery and how race, or racism, is inherently non-neutral.
origins of race, slavery Africans, Slavery and Race SUMMARY BY JOHN CHENG - Was it inevitable that Africans would be imported to the Americas to become slaves? Did European views about racial inferiority contribute to the fact of New World African slavery?
origins of race, slavery, Interview with James O. Horton, historian EDITED TRANSCRIPT - the fluidity of racial identities in early colonial America, the long history of slavery not based on race, how the rationalization of slavery continues to affect us today.
racial classification, law, whiteness, early racial identity, U.S. history Interview with Robin D.G. Kelley, historian EDITED TRANSCRIPT - how did early American peoples see themselves? how is race socially constructed? how is racism more than just individual prejudice and fear?
origins of race, anthropology, slavery, early ideas Interview with Audrey Smedley, anthropologist

EDITED TRANSCRIPT - how is race a modern concept? why were Africans enslaved? What role did 19th century ethnologists and race scientists play in shaping our understanding of race?

Native American and American Indian, U.S. history, Manifest Destiny, Indian policy, early English-indian encounters Interview with Theda Perdue, historian EDITED TRANSCRIPT - how have ideas of race changed and affected the treatment of Native Americans and the self-identity of tribes like the Cherokee - from the early encounter with British colonists to today?
freedom, slavery, origins of race, early colonial history, Interview with Ira Berlin, historian EDITED TRANSCRIPT - what was early colonial Virginia like? how are race and freedom tied together? what is the tension in American history with regard to race?
origins of race, slavery The Origin of the Idea of Race ARTICLE BY AUDREY SMEDLEY - how race was institutionalized in the 19th century as a worldview, a set of cultural attitudes and assumptions about human group differences.
Native American and American Indian, U.S. history, early English-indian encounters Interview with Karen Ordahl Kupperman, historian EDITED TRANSCRIPT - how did the English and Native peoples of America view themselves and each other at the time of their first encounter? Why did the English colonize North America?
anthropology, ethnology, world's fairs, U.S. history, Filipinos, Native Americans Interview with Robert Rydell, historian EDITED TRANSCRIPT - what do the world's fairs tell us about our ideas of race? How did Americans at the start of the 20th century view themselves and others? Why were indigenous peoples from around the world put on display?

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