"Why We Love Cats and Dogs"


For 18 years of our 20 year relationship, my husband and I had cats. Then within about an 18 month period we lost them all. Doing the math, they--a mother and two liter mates--each lived to be about 18 years old. I guess you could chalk it up to good genes. And a lot of love, if that counts for anything. I'd like to think counts for a lot.


"when you find the right pet, you will know"

In the months following our loss(es) our daughters began asking for a dog. Nothing could of course replace our beloved cats, but a dog would certainly begin a new chapter of petdome for our family.  After much consideration and cajoling, my husband and I gave in. A few weeks later we brought a shelter dog home and welcomed it into our family. A few days later we were once again petless via a story that does not need to be retold.


My husband and I have found ourselves left with the question, now what?


Recently I was lucky enough to sit in on a panel of pet experts on a PBS press tour. Go figure that right in the midst of my family's pet dilemma I would have this chance. Was it just uncanny timing or fate? Who knows, but I have noticed that ever since we began to consider a new pet, it seems impossible to avoid the topic. For example, since our holiday dog fiasco we've had the opportunity to dog sit three times, I've scheduled dog portrait sessions (I'm a photographer who rarely worked with pets in the past), and I found myself at this panel discussion of  the new PBS' Nature film Why We Love Cats and Dogs. What could be more timely than to get the chance to take a sneak peak at the show before it airs on Feb 15th?


To the panelists I begged the question, "are we a cat family or a dog family' hoping someone would provide me the black or white answer. Of course, I know there is no right answer to that question (especially when there are 4 individuals at our house who all have different ideas about what they want from a pet). I was met with a resounding, when you find the right pet, you will know.  


Why We Love Our Cats and Dogs is an endearing and enlightening documentary that takes a thorough and heartfelt look into our lives and our relationships with our pets. Any pet owner knows that sharing our household and our heart with an animal is if nothing else, a crazy cocktail of the absurd and irrational mixed with devotion and unconditional love--shaken not stirred. The connections we make and the relationships we forge with these animals (regardless of specie) are meaningful and important and real; part logic, part magic but totally undeniable. Why We Love Our Cats and Dogs offers a delightfully entertaining (and family friendly) window into the richness of life as it is shared with our pets.

  monkey.jpgI know I can speak for everyone in my house when I say that we are eager to find the right pet for our family; cat or dog. One of each, my daughters insist. Well, we'll see.



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I'll have to track down the Why We Love Cats and Dogs film. It sounds like a good one. We were a household of ten cats and we lost our two elders within a few months of each other recently. Life is very strange when you lose the oldsters. They were such an integral part of the household, sweet and cuddly as could be. I wish you the best in this next phase of your life around the whole "deciding when/if to adopt animals again" issue.

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