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Snow Monkeys: Behind The Scenes: Making of Snow Monkeys

Pontecorvo and his wife Nimmida Pontevorco followed an individual snow monkey troop of over 160 members for over a year to truly get to know these fascinating creatures.

Apr 18th, 2014 | Comments

Snow Monkeys: Video: Monkey Babies Start to Explore

As winter months fade away, the forest becomes a nursery for this troop of snow monkeys.

Apr 18th, 2014 | Comments

Snow Monkeys: Video: Snow Monkeys Grooming

The troop that grooms together, stays together.

Apr 17th, 2014 | Comments

Snow Monkeys: Video: Japanese Snow Monkeys Soak in Hot Springs

Japan's Jigokudani became a sensation when hot springs were constructed for the Hell Valley snow monkey troops.

Apr 16th, 2014 | Comments

Snow Monkeys: Snow Monkeys

Follow a troop of snow monkeys in Japan to see how they prepare to face the world.

Apr 15th, 2014 | Comments

Touching the Wild: Photos: Living Among The Mule Deer

These images, courtesy of Hutto's book 'Touching The Wild: Living with the Mule Deer of Deadman Gulch," tell the seven-year story of Hutto's introduction into the wild mule deer herd, his unprecedented access into the minds and social practices of these highly-intelligent animals - and ultimately heart-felt, familial connections with the deer as individuals.

Apr 14th, 2014 | Comments

Touching the Wild: Infographic: North America’s Mule Deer

Your field guide to everything you ever wanted to know about North America's Mule Deer

Apr 11th, 2014 | Comments

Touching the Wild: Video: A Time of Reunion

While survival during winter is never a guarantee for wild mule deer, those who endure the harsh months always return to their range.

Apr 11th, 2014 | Comments

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