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Rene di Rosa in front of a painting

Rene di Rosa passed away peacefully on October 3, 2010. He was 91.

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Rene di Rosa is smitten by art. For over 50 years the renowned Napa Valley collector and California art patron has been seeking out unknown and emerging artists, adding their work to his ever-growing and vast collection. Rene and his collected works, which have become the world’s largest and most notable collection of Northern California art, is the centerpiece of SMITTEN, the new film by award-winning filmmakers Nancy Kelly and Kenji Yamamoto. Kelly and Yamamoto invite audiences into the world of this unique and endearing man as he finds pure joy in discovering new artists and whose passion and expertise has become a driving force behind the California art scene.

SMITTEN is not only about a man and his vast and extraordinary collection, is also offers a delightful commentary on the “art” of aging successfully. Rene dares to age actively as his search and love for his art collection seems to be what drives his passionate and energetic spirit – even well into his eighties. He says, “It is my greatest pleasure. Without it, I can’t function.”

For Rene, his collection is his family and each piece of art is a representation of his life, which the filmmakers so lovingly explore.

Painting: "Annunciation" by Gail Chase-Bien. Sculpture: "Seated Woman with Vase," Viola Frey. Sculpture: “Untitled (Stack #2),” Michele Pred. Sculpture: "Yucca," Gordon Huether

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