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Coonabarabran, NSW

Commissioned in 1974, the Anglo-Australian Telescope was one of the last 4-metre equatorially mounted telescopes to be constructed. Its excellent optics, exceptional mechanical stability and precision computer control make it one of the finest telescopes in the world. Also important to the AAT's success has been its suite of state-of-the-art instrumentation, which is constantly being upgraded and improved. Until the 1970s, most of the world largest telescopes had been built in the northern hemisphere. To help redress the balance, the AAT was constructed in Australia so that astronomers could explore in detail some of the most exciting regions of the sky, including the centre of our own Milky Way galaxy and its nearest neighbours the Magellanic Clouds. Some of the finest globular clusters and nearest radio galaxies can only be seen with difficulty from northern latitudes, if at all.

Aperture: 3.9 meters   Latitude: -31.275273
First light: 1974 Longitude: 149.066964
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Elevation: 1100 meters