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Apache Point, New Mexico

The Apache Point Observatory is located in the Sacramento Mountains in Sunspot, New Mexico (USA) 18 miles south of Cloudcroft. The observatory consists of the Astrophysical Research Consortium's 3.5-meter telescope, the Sloan Digital Sky Survey 2.5-m telescope with a 20" photometric telescope, and New Mexico State University's 1.0-m telescope. The 3.5 m telescope hosts the APOLLO lunar-ranging project. The APOLLO laser has been operational since October 2005, and routinely accomplishes millimeter-level range accuracy between the earth and the moon. Observations at APO are often carried out remotely by observers using TUI, the Telescope User Interface, via the internet.

Aperture: 3.5 meters   Latitude: 32 47 N
First light: Longitude: 105 49 W
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Elevation: 2788 meters