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Kitt Peak, Arizona

MDM operates a 2.4-meter and 1.3-meter telescopes on the southwest ridge of Kitt Peak near Tucson Arizona. The 2.4-meter Hiltner telescope is one of the best in its class anywhere, routinely delivering sub-arcsecond imaging. Equipped with modern optical and infrared imagers and spectrometers, MDM is the primary small-project and student training telescope used by OSU astronomers. In an age of giant 8- and 10-meter diameter telescopes, the smaller MDM telescopes are ideal for observations of brighter nearby stars and galaxies, and for following up the discovery of X-ray sources by space observatories like Chandra or XMM/Newton. They are also excellent for undertaking long-term studies of variable stars, active galaxies, and searches for planetary transits (planets around distant stars that briefly partically eclipse their parent stars). We are continuing to develop new instrumentation and new observing strategies to keep these smaller telescopes at the forefront of astronomical research.

Aperture: 2.4 meters   Latitude: 31 57 N
First light: Longitude: 111 37 W
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Elevation: 2100 meters